Hurricane Matthew Relief


As you remember, Hurricane Matthew hit Haiti on October 3rd – the day after we returned from replacing the roof of St. Joseph in L’Asile.  Since then we have been working assiduously with the various communities in Haiti to repair as many churches as possible.  Because of the dire need and acute emergency, we temporarily parted from our usual procedure in order to get these churches completed. This is an update of the work From Here to Haiti has been able to accomplish to repair some of the damage caused by Hurricane Matthew.  I have to say that we have done a lot with our meager means but I must add that all the priests worked very hard and well in concert with their community and with From Here to Haiti to make it happen.

Following is a list of the churches that were completed with the date of their completion:

– St. Joseph in l’Asile – Completed 11/8/16

– Holy Angels in Staintage – Completed 12/13/16

– St. Isidor in Beaulieu – Completed 12/23/16

– Notre Dame du Mt. Carmel in Fond Rouge – Completed 12/24/16

– Marie Reine Immaculee in Les Abricots – Completed 12/24/16

– St. Gerard in Chardonnette – Completed 12/27/16

– St. Pierre in Previle – Completed 12/30/16

Many other churches need roofs and we continue to work at finding the funds for them.  We note the following two:

–  St. Anne in Cayemite lost the entire roof; fundraising is on-going by the students of St. Luke School and the St. Luke school of Religion; in addition, St. Anne church in Ossining promised to take a collection toward the roof and The Voices of Friendship choir did a concert for the benefit of St. Anne.  We hope to raise the funds in time to replace the roof for their feast in July.

–  Notre Dame de la Merci in Petite Riviere de Dame Marie has partial funding for its roof, but in the meantime, one of the walls of the church fell requiring additional funding.  The Haitian choir “Group Eclat” had a concert for the church and we will have the results soon.

Thank you for your continued support and fervent prayers.