My thoughts about From Here to Haiti

By Joanne Weir

When I think about From Here to Haiti, I think about its members, and the passion they have towards helping people.  Sure non-profits raise money to get something done.  Sounds simple, right?  But NO – It’s not at all that simple!  The members of From Here To Haiti are not only executives running a non-profit organization.  They are the administrators, schedulers, fund raisers and foot workers going from door to door, collectors and shippers of items in need, repairers, painters, and sculptors of broken statues for Haitian Churches.  Their “to-do” list is never ending, and that is all before they plan their trip, meet up with other volunteers in Haiti, lay out the plans, and then start the physical part of the job!  It’s exhausting, and to them, it’s exhilarating!

From the moment a job is decided upon, From Here to Haiti members start to sweat.  I know their sweat increases their passion, and like their “to-do” list, their passion does not cease.  Hundreds of organizations are researched for grants; hundreds of calls, texts, emails postal mailings are made to raise more funds or for donations of statues, clothing, and whatever else is needed to help people.  Every donation whether it be $1.00 or $1,000.00 is appreciated with gratitude.  And, don’t forget, there are many, many obstructions that need attention in order for them to progress.  When a job is completed, you see on their website exactly what was done.  This is the simple part:  another job completed out of love.

I do not know much about non-profit groups helping Haiti rebuild from the earthquake of 2010 except for what I read in the media.  Sometimes the news is positive; sometimes it’s negative.  From Here to Haiti is very different to me because I know two of the members personally.  I see with my own eyes and feel inside my heart the passion that my friends have towards rebuilding, and improving living conditions in a place very close to their hearts.  I get to see what their process involves in raising whatever money and materials they can so that they can help rebuild even a small portion of Mother Nature’s destruction to communities.  The hope and faith of the people affected by this destruction are no doubt reinforced as From Here to Haiti lands on their soil.