By Patricia Brintle

Putting together a formal event for a benefit is no small task.  First the venue has to be selected, the minimum number of guests decided upon and a deposit check written; then comes the task of advertising, selling tickets, printing a journal, and planning a program that will keep guests entertained for five hours all the while focusing on raising funds.

terrace on the park

Our Third Annual Dinner Dance Fundraiser will take place on November 8, 2013 at Terrace on the Park in Queens, NY.  We are already publishing the event so guests will mark their calendars.  One of the highlights of the evening is the drawing of raffle and auction winners with one prize more exciting than the other.  This year my searches led me to a company called Xperience Days where I spoke with Ms. Evie Stacey who explained that Xperience Days is “committed to supporting numerous charitable civilities in its desire to be an engaged and responsible corporate citizen.”

What a unique company.  Browsing through their website was an experience in itself.  One “experience” was more amazing than the other, so much so that it was difficult to navigate way from the site.

Their “Airborne” experiences let you participate in an air combat dog fight, ride in a glider, helicopter or a hot air balloon; you can hang glide, sky dive, or just take a scenic plane ride.

Their “Drive” experiences let you ride a stock car at the Pocono International Raceway, give you the thrill of a dune buggy, ATV, dirt bike, or enjoy a dragster fantasy ride.

Their “Tour & Activities” section is full of great excursions and programs: fishing, golf, sailing and whitewater rafting; art, dance, pottery, glass blowing classes; beer making, wine and cheese tasting, not to mention inspiring city tours.

By the time I looked at the “Food & Wine” section I realized that I had spent a whole day browsing and that being methodical in my search would be more efficient.  I selected “New York Gifts” from their wide choice of cities.  The NY Experiences are too numerous to list; tours included Ground Zero, Movie locations, Broadway, Ghost hunting and Chinatown; trapeze class, art class, wine tasting tours, spas, sailing, photography, martial arts, cooking, perfume making… and the list goes on.

Whale picture

We selected the New York Harbor Whale and Dolphin Watching Cruise.  The winner of this amazing prize will head out with a guest aboard the American Princess for a four-hour Whale Watching adventure at Riis Landing in Rockaway, Queens.  With the views of the New York Harbor and Manhattan skyline in the background, cameras will snap pictures of Bottlenose Dolphins and Whales swimming and leaping out of the water.  You can be sure I will bet on this prize.  From Here to Haiti would like to thank Ms. Evie Stacey and Experience Days for their generous donation.

Be sure to visit their site at http://www.xperiencedays.com/  to see the exciting choices.

The From Here to Haiti Dinner Dance Fundraiser is on November 8.  Mark your calendars, make your reservations and get your tickets from our site.  Tickets will go fast.

FHTH - DINNER DANCE FLIER 2013 - with stub

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