St. Francis Xavier in Baudin

In October 2012 our visit in Haiti to assess a few projects took us to Baudin, a small village high up in the mountain past the Trouin valley in the South Department.  As we turned a corner we came to a fairly large church with wide stairs leading to an open terrace.  It was St. Francis Xavier, the parish church of Baudin which welcomes about 700 parishioners each Sunday.  The three wooden entrance doors were locked; the top section had a large crack caused by the earthquake, a sign that there may be more damage hidden from our vantage point.

Baudin Oct2012 (8)

Pere Delmas Camy, mild mannered and soft spoken, came to welcomed us with open arms and a wide smile.  He led us to the side of the church where we parked the car.  As we entered the church we were amazed at its spaciousness.  It had been emptied and looked abandoned.  Pere Camy explained that much work will be needed to repair this parish church.  We took pictures and video, we measured, walked, poked and scrutinized every crack; we did everything we could think of to help us make a decision once we consult with engineers and architects back in the States.

Baudin Oct2012 (13)

Baudin Oct2012 (14)

In the meantime, the parishioners celebrate mass and conduct religious service in a makeshift church on the other side of the property.

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